Who Is Cam Wilkes?
As Head of Digital Growth at Waking Giants,
and having spent over 20 years working in the design and marketing field, I've developed a strong understanding of what makes people buy and how to convert prospects to customers.
I'm the Head of Digital Growth at Waking Giants - a results-led business growth engine.
We Integrate online traffic generation with customised, high converting sales and lead generation funnels within the four pillars of business success – Strategy, Growth, Brand Strategy & Execution!
We help our client’s businesses grow by firstly identifying current opportunity, creating strategies for growth and then executing on them; and secondly, identifying new opportunity and executing on strategies for those. Each business is unique and so are our approaches – no cookie-cutter agency service from us!
Business Strategy
What are your goals and how do you intend to achieve them?
I help with the second part of that question by creating high converting sales and marketing funnels as part of a wider strategy. While you focus on running your business, the team at Waking Giants will be doing the heavy lifting with your marketing.
Business Growth
For your business to grow efficiently and effectively, growth has to to be strategically planned for. Customised growth strategies enable our clients businesses to grow at a sustainable rate, minimising the typical effects of growing pains on the business while still rising to achieve short and long term goals.
Brand Strategy & Re-Branding
A brand isn’t just a fancy logo or a couple of well suited colours on a website. The value (or lack of) within a brand incorporates its tonality and positioning amongst its competitors, the emotions felt and perceived values when being considered. We create brands that look great and also fit the positioning of the product or service to the market.
This is where most fall over. All of the best ideas and intentions in the world are useless unless executed upon. We understand that a well designed strategic plan for long term growth can initially look like a daunting and sometimes overwhelming prospect, but we also know that execution is the ultimate weapon in achieving your goals – This is why we just get on with it – all things great started by putting one foot in front of the other.
Darryl Blom
Workshop Graphics
"I enlisted Cam's services in early 2017. I'd tried online marketing for my business myself and it seemed an endless money-pit with nothing much in the way of results to show for it.

My business was growing but I knew there was opportunity I was missing out on so I got in touch with Cam to ramp up my business profile online.

Cam was great from the outset - he listened to what I wanted to accomplish with the business and asked some really solid questions around things I hadn't even considered.

It wasn't long after we launched the first campaign that I started seeing results. Cam knows what he's doing and his work with us has helped us branch out internationally!"
Mary Isaac
“Cam is THE Man for funnel hacking! I needed an eCommerce funnel created based on another strong performing funnel I’d seen and Cam came through with the goods.

Cam was able to replicate the funnel exactly, integrated all the payment processing and set it up so it was fully functioning.

If you have a project which needs some sort of sales funnel – and you have no time to figure out the details, Cam should be your first call. With some crazy awesome funnel hacking skills, you will get your funnel built quickly and efficiently.

Cam is great to work with, has innovative ideas and suggestions and also has loads of experience. He will take the time to listen to you and understand your goals and build a sales funnel which will get you there.”
Spending over 20 years working in the design and marketing field while studying the best in the business has allowed me to develop a strong understanding of what makes people buy and how to get them over the finish line.
As New Zealand’s one and only ClickFunnels Certified Partner, it’s pretty obvious that I’m all about online lead generation, from awareness to conversion (and all the good stuff in between).

A good lead gen and nurturing campaign starts with the right strategy, the right audience and the right messaging at the right time – getting these in check, and utilising the right tools to perform the tasks is where magic happens. It just happens to be that ClickFunnels ticks all the right boxes for me in a platform that enables me to automate the online sales funnel flow.

If you’re interested in growing your business with the help of good strategy and automation, or if you really just want an audit of what you’re currently running, get in touch.
Certified Partner
As a ClickFunnels Certified Consultant,
 I’ve demonstrated my proven proficiency in all key aspects of the ClickFunnels platform.
I’m accomplished in and able to utilize every function ClickFunnels has to offer (and beta functions that roll out from the development team too).

I’ve got deep experience in the theory and use of all the different types of funnels and the strategy around them as well as Actionetics (ClickFunnels’ built-in email marketing autoresponder platform) and Backpack (the built-in Affiliate program platform).

Using my experience in paid traffic generation and my expertise in the ClickFunnels platform, I’m able to create and continually optimize our client’s funnels for maximum conversions.
In May of 2017, I flew over to ClickFunnels HQ in Boise, Idaho to complete the live event module of the ClickFunnels Certified Partnership program. I met some great people and gained a wealth of knowledge through live training from Nora Sudduth, Russell Brunson, John Parkes and other talented ClickFunnels gurus – below are a few photos from the event.
Completed Modules For ClickFunnels Partnership Certification
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Here at Waking Giants, we don’t consider ourselves an agency as such – we prefer to be much more than that with our clients, offering value in areas of your business that most agencies don’t bother to consider.

If you’d like to discuss your business growth with Cam & the team at Waking Giants, then…..
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